Today’s Workout 20180423

Today was my first workout in sometime and hopefully, the first of many workouts for awhile. In the past I’ve had success (when lifestyle issues didn’t derail me) with the program from Pavel Tsatsouline’s ‘Enter the Kettlebell’.

All exercises were done with a 16kg kettlebell.

Warmup: light bodyweight range of motion exercises

clean & press/pushup 1( 1/1, 2/2, 3/3 ), 4( 1/1/, 2/1, 3/1 )
swings 105 reps in 7 minutes

Total clean & presses: 30 reps
Total pullups: 18 reps

Clean and Press were performed back-to-back with the pullups with approximately 10 breaths between each rung. Between each ladder and before the swings I had a 4 minute rest period.

* I’ll add a note to describe the notation and workout schema in another post

Depression, Meditation and Exercise

Sometimes I forget that just because I’ve made a bunch of positive changes in my life that I’m still going to wake up feeling down and generally kind of shitty some days. Today was one of those days. After meditating and doing some breathing exercises I still felt kind of down. Prior to the breath exercises I figured I’d head to town to work out of a coffeeshop. I work from home and sometimes I feel pretty isolated. Just being around people helps and I’ve always been a big fan of coffee shops.

While doing my breathing exercises I started to reflect on some of the things I’ve learned through my meditation practice and researching different aspects of meditation. One of the things I’ve learned is that often we’re running from pain/discomfort and to pleasure. I began to reflect on my discomfort and realized that while going to the coffee shop may assuage some of my feelings I knew it was just a bandage over something that I needed to deal with. I started to think of other things that I could do and realized that I’ve yet get myself into a regular workout program.

So I made a compromise with myself: start my program today and if, after working out, I still need to go to the coffee shop then I’d go. But here I am, post-workout, and writing a blog post from home rather than shooting to town.

I’ll post my workout next.

And please, if you suffer from depression, clinical or non-clinical please get help, especially if you are considering suicide. If you don’t know who to turn to please contact The Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

I really can’t recommend meditation enough. That said, I’ve read that it can be problematic for some. Please find a qualified teacher to help you on your path.


I thought up the name for the blog sometime between 2006 and 2009 while living on the west coast. I don’t really remember what the original use case was for it, but it sounded cool and kind of encapsulated things I was thinking about at the time. Nothing ever came of the name. I moved back east and got caught up with family issues and personal issues. The latter forced my hand a bit and I changed careers.

Now, 9 years, later I’m in a pretty good groove. I’m still dealing with family stuff but it’s all unfolding at a steady pace. A pace I can handle. My personal issues, again, aren’t fully ironed out, but I’ve made a ton of progress and am happy to continue on that path. Part of that path is returning to books, meditating, getting fit and something I’ve never done with any consistency, writing. This blog will be an outlet for my writing. There’s something about putting yourself, myself, and my words, out there for the public to read. I hope to improve my writing. What’s more, I hope that some of what I write will resonate with readers and prove helpful or valuable in some way.

The internet is a pretty big place. I doubt too many will stumble across my little corner of it all. But maybe as I improve, as my writing improves, it will be bigger than it is now. Ultimately, I’m writing for me anyway. I see it as one part of a larger process. A process of becoming the person I’d like to be. That person is probably is unattainable, but if I get half-way there, I’ll be pretty happy. Hell, I’m pretty happy now. Most days, anyway.

Thanks for reading, hope to have you back.