Workout Friday 20180511

Medium day

Clean & Press (16kg) /Pullup 5(1/1, 2/1, 3/1, 4/1)
1H Swing (20kg) 60/60 9 mins

Total Clean & Press: 50/50
Total Pullups: 20
Total Swings: 60/60

* Spent a lot of time running around today and almost didn’t get this in, but glad I did. Next week I start my clean & press with the 20kg bell. My pullups felt really solid this week. Next week I’ll be making my second rung 2 pullups instead of 1.

Happy training!!

Workout Tuesday 20180508

Variety day

Did a variation on Dan John’s workout ‘The Eagle’

Circuit x 3 without putting the 20kg kettlebell down:
Left side clean & squat x 4
Left side suitcase carry to end of driveway and back
Right side clean & squat x 4
Right side suitcase carry to end of driveway and back

1H kettelbell swing 5 mins: 30/30

Workout Friday 20180427

Medium day!! Single 16kg kettlebell

Clean & Press/Pullup 5(1/1, 2/1)
1H Kettlebell swing 40/40 in 5 mins

Total Clean & Press: 15/15
Total Pullups: 10
Total 1H Swings: 40/40

* This felt pretty good. I’m still pretty sore from this week’s workouts, but after not working out consistently for a long time and factoring in my age ( early 40’s ) that’s to be expected.
** I switched the 2 handed kettlebell swings to the 1 handed to help improve my grip for the snatches. They’re also really good for the stabilizing muscles.

Happy training!!

Workout Tuesday 20180424

Variety Day

Circuit x 4 without putting the kettlebells down

  1. Double kettlebell squat with 2 x 12kg kettlebells x 8
  2. Farmer’s carry across yard, driveway, road and back

32 double kb squats with 24kg total
8 farmer’s carries

* Yup, this reminded me how out of shape I am. Especially in the legs.
** The goal is to repeat this 8 times. Once I’ve done that and it feels easy I’ll jump up to 2x16kg kettlebells

Source for workout: Dan John’s The Eagle

Workout Monday 20180423

Today was my first workout in sometime and hopefully, the first of many workouts for awhile. In the past I’ve had success (when lifestyle issues didn’t derail me) with the program from Pavel Tsatsouline’s ‘Enter the Kettlebell’.

All exercises were done with a 16kg kettlebell.

Warmup: light bodyweight range of motion exercises

clean & press/pullup 1( 1/1, 2/2, 3/3 ), 4( 1/1/, 2/1, 3/1 )
swings 105 reps in 7 minutes

Total clean & presses: 30 reps
Total pullups: 18 reps

Clean and Press were performed back-to-back with the pullups with approximately 10 breaths between each rung. Between each ladder and before the swings I had a 4 minute rest period.

* I’ll add a note to describe the notation and workout schema in another post